Pregnancy is sucking the life out of my pop culture obsessions

Courtney, can't you just love me AND the baby and get on with it?

Anyone who knows me or has been following my blogs for any amount of time (well, since pre-pregnancy) knows that I’m a pop culture junkie. I love the Twilight Saga of books and movies hardcore, and I blame my pregnancy on reading smexy Twilight FanFiction! If you’re not aware of this world of smutty literature, you need to jump in honey, coz HOLY SHIT ITS HOT! I love American Idol Read More

Letter to my baby girl…


Each week has a suggested activity for moms-to-be, and this week it’s to write a letter to your baby. Jeff was quick to say this was a great idea and that I should do it. So I figured; alrighty, this could also be a blog post! And I don’t know what it’s going to say yet…but pardon me if it’s super mushy… Dear Baby Girl, With each passing day that Read More

Things I want to do with my daughter…when she comes into this world!


A couple days ago I found out I’m having a baby girl in approximately 19 weeks from now (if I’m full term), and though I was excited for the news, it hadn’t really sunk in yet. It didn’t seem real! But I’m really enjoying saying “she” when I talk about the baby and for the last two days my husband has called and asked me “How are my girls?” followed Read More

The daily question from my husband: Do you feel pregnant? (Um…ya.)

What I *used* to tell my husband...

For some reason, every day my husband asks me if I feel pregnant. I guess he’s just curious about how I’m feeling and maybe it all still seems a little surreal to him. At 15 weeks and 3 days along, I can’t remember at what date my answer went from “nope,” to “yep,” but these days, I definitely feel pregnant. There are of course, every day physical reminders that I’m Read More

Why 2010 was my Best. Year. Ever.


I started Life At Thirtysomething in February 2010 because I felt like it was just going to be a big year for me. First and foremost, I was turning the dirty thirty, so I felt that was reason enough for me to create a space online where I could whine about getting old. In addition to turning 30, I wanted to blog about events, vacations, and my general perspective on Read More