Pregnancy is sucking the life out of my pop culture obsessions

Courtney, can't you just love me AND the baby and get on with it?

Anyone who knows me or has been following my blogs for any amount of time (well, since pre-pregnancy) knows that I’m a pop culture junkie. I love the Twilight Saga of books and movies hardcore, and I blame my pregnancy on reading smexy Twilight FanFiction! If you’re not aware of this world of smutty literature, you need to jump in honey, coz HOLY SHIT ITS HOT! I love American Idol Read More

Justin Bieber makes me want to have a baby boy! Plus, check out my 19-week baby bump watch pic!


Because I have another blog called Pop Culture Junkie, I consider it my duty to be an expert on all things pop culture. Well actually, I’m an expert on whatever is worthy in my opinion, and ladies and gentleman, Justin Bieber has been deemed worthy. So believe it or not, I had three other girlfriends (all 30+) that wanted to see Justin Bieber’s new documentary-style movie “Never Say Never” this Read More

The daily question from my husband: Do you feel pregnant? (Um…ya.)

What I *used* to tell my husband...

For some reason, every day my husband asks me if I feel pregnant. I guess he’s just curious about how I’m feeling and maybe it all still seems a little surreal to him. At 15 weeks and 3 days along, I can’t remember at what date my answer went from “nope,” to “yep,” but these days, I definitely feel pregnant. There are of course, every day physical reminders that I’m Read More

Happy b-day, America! Let’s binge drink!


Hiya! I know I’ve been on a bloggy hiatus from this blog address since mid-June, but I promise I haven’t forgotten aboutcha. I’ve just been thinking of a game plan for blogging on Life at Thirtysomething, as it’s my secondary blog behind Pop Culture Junkie. And I’ve decided that I’m not going to give myself a hemorrhoid trying to squeeze out a blog that just isn’t there. I’m just gonna let Read More

30 going on 13: the real me EXPOSED!

This is a direct quote from my husband. Swear.

This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but I’m like, a major pop culture junkie. I love me some suuuuurrrrreeeaallll life like you wouldn’t believe. It’s true. I follow entertainment blogs on a regular basis and get daily e-newsletters from People Magazine and Us Weekly. I mean, it’s important that I know the breaking headlines. (What? There was a big volcano eruption? Where?). I watch “American Read More