Check out our precious newborn photography!


When Annabelle was about 9 days old we had a professional photographer drop by our house for a little newborn photography session, and I finally have the pics to share with you! (I took forever to pick my images; I could’ve had this A LOT sooner, BTW!) I can’t believe how small Annabelle was during this photo session! I miss that tiny little body, but not those sleepless … [Read more...]

I’m letting my baby choose her gender from now on. It’s the ‘PC’ thing to do.

If baby looks like this, safe to say it's a GIRL!

Ok, I’m joking about letting my 8-week old daughter choose her gender. The girl is a SHE all the way. But this post topic has been inspired by all the dimwit people who ask me if my baby – covered in pink with pink blankets wrapped around her – is a girl or boy. Now, obvy a baby can pretty much look like a boy or a girl, depending on how you dress them, but when my baby is … [Read more...]

Entering a cutest baby contest – my baby must win or I am a failure.


So every mom thinks her baby is the cutest baby on the planet…surely. And I of course, am no different. I’ve already discussed with my husband in great detail how Annabelle’s college will be paid for by her earnings from all the Baby Gap and Gerber ads she will be doing in the coming months. We’ve got it all planned out. So I was thrilled when I saw that her first … [Read more...]

New blog journey: LOSING THE BABY LUMP! It’s time.


It’s been 7 weeks since my baby was born and I am finally ready to get my post-pregnancy ass back in shape. Well, I’ve been ready, but I guess I’m ready to say it “out loud”, so you, the people, can hold me accountable! I’m aware that once I say this on my blog, I have to actually stick to it and post positive results regularly. This is intended to be my way of losing … [Read more...]

Does caffeine really effect a baby’s sleeping habits? I’m starting to think so…

start cola earlier

When you’re pregnant there is this long list of food and drinks that you can and can’t have; stuff that, 30 years ago people probably consumed on a regular basis, but in today’s world, we’ve got rules. So all you do while pregnant is fantasize about the day when you can finally have those no-no list items again; such as sushi, WINE, or for me, Diet Pepsi (like 3-4 a day!). … [Read more...]