Ay yi yi! Baby registry woes! Plus, check out my 24-week baby bump!


My anxiety over baby registering has proven to be warranted, because this stuff ‘aint easy kids! As you saw in Friday’s blog post, my friend sent me a really nice list of her “must have” baby gear to help get me started with the registry, but as I was in the weeds of it, I realized that I needed her to hold my hand throughout the whole stinkin’ process! Knowing my … [Read more...]

Baby Registry Must Haves by my friend and mom of two!


For some reason, the idea of registering for baby stuff has brought forth some mild anxiety for me. This is so different than when you registered for your wedding, because this has little to do with what you want and mostly to do with what you need. Well the problem is: hell if I know what I need! Nipple pads – huh? Butt paste! WHAT! So after letting my friend Stacy – … [Read more...]

Letter to my baby girl…


Each week Babycenter.com has a suggested activity for moms-to-be, and this week it’s to write a letter to your baby. Jeff was quick to say this was a great idea and that I should do it. So I figured; alrighty, this could also be a blog post! And I don’t know what it’s going to say yet…but pardon me if it’s super mushy… Dear Baby Girl, With each passing day that I’m … [Read more...]

The BEST 365 days of my life. Plus, check out my 23-week baby bump watch pic!


Wow, I can’t believe a year has gone by so fast. I started this blog in February 2010 as a way to capture my feelings going into my “dirty thirties” and to blog about all the exciting things I’d plan on doing with my life moving forward.  And now here I am at 31 already, and it wasn’t too long ago that I was freaking the EFF out about turning 30! I thought it meant I was … [Read more...]

What I don’t miss about NOT being pregnant…


Today I’ve been inspired to do a post on what I DON’T miss about NOT being pregnant. Yes, that’s not a typo, this time I’m not complaining about the things I miss because I’m pregnant. Often times I’m blogging about my expanding waistline or preggo acne or my expanding waistline, but today I’m going for a different angle. One area I have yet to explore on this blog is the … [Read more...]