The best and worst of pregnancy – halfway through! Plus, check out my 20-week baby bump watch pic!

I can’t believe I’m already 20 weeks pregnant – at the halfway point of this journey! Time has never flown by so quickly in my life. Tomorrow morning I find out the gender of the baby and I am over the moon excited about it! And though it hasn’t happened yet, I’m pretty sure this will be the highest high point of my pregnancy (until birth that is!). This got me thinking; maybe it’s time to share the best and worst parts of pregnancy at the halfway point. My friend once told me to share the really gruesome side of pregnancy, for her entertainment pleasure I guess, so I’ll try to do that and not embarrass myself too badly in the process…

The Best: When you have a genuine, unmistakable baby bump. If you read any of my previous blogs, you saw me complain about those initial months where you don’t have a nicely formed bump, but rather, a burgeoning muffin top. Let the confidence killing begin! But when you finally grow that little bump that’s become round and firm to the touch, then you can toss those baggy clothes and scarves aside and wear those fitted shirts with pride! Hey World: Look at my baby bump! ‘Aint she cute?

The Worst: Well I guess I just mentioned one of the worst parts of pregnancy above – the giggly gut in the first trimester and early second. Ugh.

The Best: Lying in bed at night with your hands on your belly just willing the little bugger to move. And then you feel faint, oh so faint movement, but you’re sure it’s definitely a baby doing summersaults! It’s fascinating. Although I haven’t felt obvious kicks yet, the mystery and intrigue of what’s going on inside is definitely exciting and truly a miracle.

The Worst: Pregnancy acne. I swear, in the first trimester I was feeling bottom of the barrel ugly with all that acne and chubbiness. Call me vain, whatever, but I’m a girl who likes to look her best and I was definitely not having my best days for quite a stretch of time in those early days. My skin still gives me trouble, but it’s manageable. Hopefully things will go back to normal post baby.

The Best: My husband’s tender loving care. I’ve made no secret about how amazing my husband has been during this pregnancy. In fact, our marriage has had a giant shot in the arm since we found out and it’s like a whole new relationship. I mean, if I’m being honest, this guy is no prince charming! He’s kind of brash and Type A. But pending fatherhood has turned him into a total teddy bear. And I LOVE IT.

The Worst: Hemorrhoids, enough said. Sneaky flatulence! I’ll have you know I NEVER fart. But now, I simply cannot help myself. HA! Lower back pain. And finally, the feeling of being impossibly full when you’re hardly eaten enough to earn the feeling, but your uterus and your food consuming stomach are now competing for space in your belly!

The Best: Pregnancy is an excuse to go shopping – a lot. I feel like I’m shopping every single weekend, but hell, when you’re preggo you basically have to rebuild your wardrobe all over again! Well, at least that’s what I tell my husband!! Thank goodness that my fave stores like Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy are all about maternity chic right now! It’s easier to be stylish in pregnancy when you avoid maternity clothes!

Well, that about covers the best and worst parts of pregnancy in my first 20 weeks. I’m sure there will be a brand new list of highs and lows in the second half, and I’m excited for what’s to come! Starting with finding out the sex of the baby tomorrow! *SQUEE*

Baby bump watch continues – week 20!

I’ve gotta say, I’m loving the size of the baby bump right now. It’s too cute if I do say so myself! Anyway, according to the baby weighs about 10 ½ ounces, a little less than a can of Coke (12 oz.), and is about 6 ½ inches long from head to bottom (about the size of a banana), or 10 inches from head to heel. Going forward, the baby’s length will now be measured from head to foot since his legs have stretched out. Each week gives advice on what the mom-to be should be doing; and it says now that I am halfway through I should pamper myself a bit, like maybe a prenatal message or a new article of clothing. Welllllll, I just got a facial this weekend, I’ve had two prenatal messages at work in the last month (a perk of the job!) and I shop weekly. OOPS! No one had to urge me to pamper myself! 🙂

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  1. Stacy says

    So adorable! Love your blog as always. Can’t wait to hear tonight about the sex, I have in my mind blue, but time will tell.

  2. cheryl says

    Another excellent post. You look super..can’t wait to see you the end of the month. Love the 4D pics. Where’s the info on Facebook!!?

  3. Courtney says

    Hi Lisa – You should be taking advantage of those prenatal massages girl! Pamper yourself for as long as you can until there’s someone else you need to take care of (other than your husband and pets!), unless you have other kids that is! Yep, you’re just over a month ahead of me! Ahhhh, summer babies!

  4. Courtney says

    I’ll do another blog tonight with the 4D pics and then you can tell the world…after I do! 🙂

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