I wish I was an anonymous blogger

Damn, you're in a pickle girl...

Sometimes, I wish I was an anonymous blogger. I want a license to spew unapologetically on my blog. I want to be the most immature person on earth when I feel like it – and the most refined advice giver you’ve ever met as well.  In essence, I want to go filter free. But, you see…I can’t. Why you ask? Well for one, my mother-in-law reads my blog (Hi Patty!). Read More

30 going on 13: the real me EXPOSED!

This is a direct quote from my husband. Swear.

This will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but I’m like, a major pop culture junkie. I love me some suuuuurrrrreeeaallll life like you wouldn’t believe. It’s true. I follow entertainment blogs on a regular basis and get daily e-newsletters from People Magazine and Us Weekly. I mean, it’s important that I know the breaking headlines. (What? There was a big volcano eruption? Where?). I watch “American Read More

Torn between two loves


Right now I feel torn. I feel spread too thin, exhausted, and apathetic. It’s not about work. It’s not about friends or family. It’s about………wait for it.………blogging. And I’m being serious! I’ve been experiencing writer’s block lately. And it’s SO frustrating because I don’t have time to have writer’s block! This nasty little problem has been sneaking up on me ever since I started this second blog, Life at Thirtysomething Read More

How my 65 mile bike marathon changed my perspective


After 3 ½ months of early Saturday morning training rides, no Friday night social life, a sore ass, and more McDonald’s than the average person should consume, I’ve finally completed my big 65 mile bike marathon! Yes that’s right people, I did it! And I lived to tell the story! If you recall in a blog post from a couple months ago, I saw this marathon as my “30th birthday Read More

Pardon me, while I sleep on the job…


Monday…  Tuesday…  Wednesday… Thursday… <Yawning> Excuse me! It’s been a long week – and I’m tired! I will be a better blogger starting tomorrow… Promise! OH look what time it is: BED TIME! zzzzzzzzzz….