It’s Thanksgiving time! Are you a back home baller?

keep-calm-i-m-a-ballerWho has plans to visit your parents in your hometown for Thanksgiving; have a family dinner, and then ditch the kids with your mom and dad while you go out with your high school besties on the biggest “going out” night of the year, the day before Thanksgiving? * Raises Hand* I DO!

You know what they call people like us? Back home ballers.

Back home ballers are people who go back to their parent’s house for the holidays, sleep in their childhood bed, let mom wait on them hand and foot, cook them meals, wash their dishes, change their baby’s diapers, and babysit said babies while the back home baller ventures out into their hometown to see and be seen. Everyone wants to know what the back home baller is up to; the latest deets on their job, their personal life, anything they’re willing to share to give the townies a glimpse of life beyond the city limits.

Ha! Hey, I didn’t make this up, I saw this HILARIOUS Saturday Night Live movie short that aired this past weekend depicting the “back home baller” in all her glory and I died laughing! Watch this all-female cast music video for “Back Home Baller” with Cameron Diaz, it’s LOL funny!

I have to admit, pink cheeked and embarrassed, that I once felt like a back home baller (BHB). As a stay at home mommy with two kids only living a few hours south of my hometown, my BHB status isn’t quite as solid as it used to be — when I was a BHB hailing from Cali with a J-O-B and a pre-kid figure.

But other than my zip code and unemployment status, I totally love to go home and let my mom wait on me hand and foot. I’m totally not taking advantage of my mom, she genuinely prefers that I don’t lift a finger when I’m home visiting. Ok, that might be a bit of a stretch, but all I know is that she misses her daughter and having someone to nurture. Why yes, I’ll take some biscuits and gravy for breakfast, served hot when I get up at 10am. Thanks!

The older we get, the less we can really call ourselves back home ballers. In fact, I’m thinking 35 might be the cutoff once and for all, so I have a few more months I guess. Hey, the BHB status starts at 18 when you go off to college, so it was a nice long run. Can’t be cool sleeping in my old unicorn bedroom forever. But will I ever get too old for mom to make me biscuits and gravy on Saturday mornings? omg I hope not!




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