How Fitbit Challenge Groups are going to KILL ME!!!

fitbit humor 1A couple months ago I blogged about getting my new Fitbit at Christmastime and how much it’s really changed my whole outlook on fitness. I don’t want to go as far as saying it’s changed my life, because that’s a little dramatic, but it’s definitely changed my fitness level. I consistently hit the gym five days a week now to meet that daily step goal of 10,000. I LOVE getting that “Nailed It!” notification on my cell phone from Fitbit. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment each day.

I’ve seen the little Fitbit challenge group section on the iPhone app but I’ve been uninterested in challenging people. I guess I just didn’t think it sounded like my thing, I’m not that competitive. At least I thought I wasn’t.

But then I got invited to not one but two challenge groups last week called the “Work Week Hustle,” which is a Monday-Friday step competition. Naively I thought I had these in the bag. I figured; I work out daily. I do SPRINTS on the treadmill. I’ve got this!

I was so freaking wrong. God, I was wrong.

You will do nothing else but stare at your Challenge Group stats ALL DAY EVERY DAY

fitbit humorI feel like I have a job to do here; to warn the virgin Fitbit challenge groupers to think before they click that little “Join” button. It will take over your life, oh yes, it will.

First, you can vet your fellow challengers but people will surprise you. Never underestimate someone else’s competitiveness no matter what their fitness level is. This was my first mistake.

Day one last week I joined a group with only one other person – a swim mom friend. Our kids swim together and we chit chat a couple times a week during class. She had low steps when she invited me to a group. I already had 15,000 that day – a bit more than my daily average. I ended the day with 23,000 steps which was hella cray cray for me but it was a nice day so I added a big walk around the neighborhood on top of my gym session earlier in the day. You know what? Girlfriend with 4,000 steps at 2pm BEAT MY STEPS that day! #WHATTHEFUCKKKKKK?

This week I vouched to not join another group with her. I told her no when she asked me. Then I got invited to two other groups and it was kind of fun so I relented and re-joined a group with swim mom. Well, the stakes are higher this week. She slammed me with 12,000 steps in THREE HOURS after the group invitation!!! To put that into perspective, I typically average about 11,000 steps in an entire day! OMG!

I’m in another challenge group with women I don’t know but are in this big mom’s group I’m in. There’s like eight ladies but I only have one competition, the lady at the top of the leaderboard with 25,000 steps a day. YA FREAKING RIGHT. No one has that many steps a day. She’s sitting on the couch swinging her arm with that Fitbit arm band. I just know it. My Fitbit One clips into my bra so it doesn’t count anything but legitimate steps, thank you very much.

There’s two kinds of groups: The supportive one where we cheer each other on and jokingly taunt each other in a humorous way. And then there’s the group where your challengers are out for your blood. I’m in one fun and supportive, yet competitive group. And then there’s swim mom — she’s out for my blood. It feels personal.

I’ve discovered that I can be super freaking competitive when I want to be. And right now, I want to win these groups. I’m totally doing things way outside of the normal scope of my day.

While visiting my mom for the week, we’ve MALL WALKED two days in a row. Yes, that’s laps around the mall. Then I come home and run 30 minutes on the treadmill. THEN I go on another walk. AND THEN I do laps around the pool table while watching Dancing with the Stars when I see someone creepin’ on me on the leaderboard.

In fact, taking the time to sit and write this blog post is killing me because I know that haters be hatin’ on my step count and they’re gaining on me.

Like I said; these challenge groups are going to kill me. It’s taking over my life. I’m driving my mom crazy. She can’t wait for me to leave.

I won’t mind losing to my fun group, but I will mind losing to swim mom. She has 25,000 steps today. Last night I told her I was going to have her committed if she hit me with 12,000 steps in a couple hours every night, and then she hit me with 15,000 steps tonight in two hours. That bitch is CRAY.

Good thing she doesn’t read my blog and we’re not Facebook friends yet.

This level of activity is certainly not sustainable for the long term. I mean, there’s getting steps the legitimate way, like going for a walk, working out at the gym, etc. And then there’s doing circles around your kitchen. This is sort of defeating the purpose of FITNESS because we’re not getting our heart rate up circling the pool table while drinking beer. That’s what I did last night so I know.

After this week I’m taking next week off. I’ll be on vacation and I won’t be dorking out over 25,000 steps. I’ll be lucky to get 5,000 steps a day and I’m ok with that.

But not going to lie; I’ll be itching to check a leaderboard to see where I fall in the lineup each day. Challenge Groups are stressful and addicting. I hate them and love them. They’ve taken over my life. I’m never doing one again. Until next week, on vacation.


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